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Teen Safety In Limos

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Teens and parents love limousines for prom night and sweet 16 parties, but even placing your transportation needs in the hand of a chauffeured transportation provider isn't always enough to guarantee teens will make safe choices. A 16-year-old teenager was tragically killed in New York by sticking his head through a top hatch of a double-decker party bus filled with dancing teens headed to a party. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Daniel Fernandez. Keeping teens safe from peer pressure is a real need and we're offering expert insight on safety and luxury transportation to caring parents nationwide.



It's a fact that the larger the group, the harder it can be to control the teens. According to limo expert, Emily Carocha, "it's much more dangerous when you have a double-decker bus with 65 kids." If you're concerned about your teen's ability to avoid peer pressure or the logistics of controlling a large group, it may be wise to book transportation for a smaller group or a series of smaller riders to avoid the pressure of a large crowd.


The single best way. to ensure a safe evening, even in very larger groups, is to field adult chaperones. The recommended minimum for a double-decker party bus is one adult per floor, but many experts recommend a higher ratio of adults to children. Discuss security options with your limousine company and don't be afraid to ask for a few extra adults on board. Many chauffeured transportation providers are able to field highly trained security professionals for crowd control on the vehicle during large events.


Don't be afraid to have a frank conversation with your limo provider about their policies for teens. Limo companies often check teens' bags for hidden alcohol, and are happy to stick to an itinerary provided by the parents for an evening. If you're worried about your teens trying to direct the limo driver to an off-limit, unchaperoned party, be clear with the limo company about your expectations, and learn their policies for keeping teens safe on big nights.


The role of a chauffeur is to provide safe, luxury transportation and customer service throughout the evening. Chauffeurs aren't paid babysitters and can't focus on watching the behavior of teens, particularly in larger vehicles. While a highly-trained, professional driver can expertly navigate hazards on the road, they can't necessarily ensure every member of a large group is behaving.


Many tragedies occur when teens are peer pressured into breaking clearly-marked rules. In the case of hatches on the top of party buses, most are clearly marked as only to be used for emergency exits. In the tragic case of Fernandez, the on-bus security officer had issued repeated reminders to keep the emergency exit closed which were disregarded. Let your teen know about the possible consequences of disregarding safety rules. One of the best preventative measures can be a frank conversation with your teen ahead of time about the importance of paying attention to posted safety rules, no exceptions.

Prepare for Prom or Homecoming Night by taking the time to sit down with your teen and a reputable luxury transportation company to have a few honest conversations about safety. Give your teen the tools and chaperones to ensure a safe evening out.

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